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Morningstar Living - Omega 3’s Can Improve your Diet

Omega 3’s Can Improve your Diet

One of the best ways to improve you diet?

Omega 3s!

Although attributed to a long list of health benefits, most of us have diets that are short on Omega 3 fatty acids. And that’s a problem, because we need them for our bodies to work properly.

“As you get older, the risk of serious health conditions grows,” says Donna L. Henshue, RN, for Morningstar Senior Living’s Life Care Community, Moravian Hall Square in Nazareth, PA. “The good news is that Omega 3s have their best benefits in seniors.”

So consider making Omega 3s a regular part of your diet. Fatty fish like salmon and trout are a good source. And other foods are now fortified with Omega 3s, such as some milk products as well as juices, breads, eggs, cooking oils and snack foods. By upping your intake of Omega 3s, you may benefit from:

  • Improved Heart Health: Omega 3s help to prevent cardiovascular problems and also cut the risk of complications and death in people with heart disease. They also seem to help keep your heart rhythm steady. What’s more, fish and fish oil seem to slow down arteriosclerosis and lower the risk of strokes.
  • Lower Triglycerides: Omega 3s can reduce triglyceride levels by 20-50%. And having high triglyceride levels may place you at risk of heart disease.
  • Reduced Osteoporosis: Studies have found people who eat high levels of fatty fish rich in Omega 3s have greater bone density in the hip.
  • Diminished Rheumatoid Arthritis: The medical evidence isn’t conclusive but a number of studies found that Omega 3s in fish oil can reduce the symptoms of morning stiffness and pain.

Here’s one word of advice before upping your dietary intake of Omega 3s: Consult your physician. He or she can provide you with the proper dosing. What’s more, anyone with blood disorders or who is taking blood thinners (e.g., Coumadin) should seek medical advice before taking Omega 3s.